Well, it depends.

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For the last few days, I have been thinking (read: procrastinating) about writing something meaningful. And when I say meaningful, I am referring to an engaging and informative piece of writing. However, the issue is, with all the data scattered almost everywhere, I am struggling with a couple of things: to organize the data and then to find a crispy piece of writing out of it.

So, as I woke up today, I thought of challenging this condition and working my way out of it. …

Even if you don’t know what that means, seek it.

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Do you mind if we start with an evocative thought?

Why certain people — with whatever they have — appear to be more happy and contented than most of those, who have more than what they had desired for?

There are no right or wrong answers. For you, the answer may lie in their innate ability to always look at the brighter side. However, for some, including me, their happiness has a lot to do with their understanding of life and whatever comes with it.

Let me rephrase. Happiness is a spiritual experience. …

The most important lesson from 2020

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Last year — this time around — everyone or at least most of us were busy making plans for the new year while hoping for a prosperous and joyful 2020. However, little did we know, 2020 was going to be one of the most challenging years in recent human history.

A year that would change the way humans think and percieve — awakening their consciousness and making them reconsider their choices and priorities.

Thus, when it comes to 2020, there is a lot to talk about but the idea behind this piece is to keep it as personal as possible…

A concise overview of one of the most significant periods in Medieval history

Setup: First Crusade & Revival of Muslim Jihad

Peter the Hermit preaching the people for the First Crusade (Artist: James Archer, Source: Wikipedia)

Of all the military conflicts between Christianity and Islam, the 200-year long holy wars — Crusades — are of the greatest significance vis-à-vis their impact on the ever-changing geopolitical landscape of two of the greatest religions in the history of mankind.

Led by Western European Christians, Crusades were a series of military campaigns, aimed at regaining the control of former Christian territories including the holy city of Jerusalem, which had been conquered by the Muslims in the last five centuries, and to prevent the further expansion of Islam in the Eastern Mediterranean.

However, the question is what actually transpired that…

Part-III: Rise of Mamluks & the End of the Crusades

Battle of Al-Mansoura (Source: Warefare History Network, Fair use under Copyright Act, Section 42)

Unlike Salah ad-Din, his successors relied on the policy of reaction and it gave the Crusaders a chance to regroup themselves and also provided the Church with an opportunity to send another military expedition.

Thus, in 1199, Pope Innocent III — who had already made Crusades a major concern of the Latin Church — called for the Fourth Crusade towards the Eastern Mediterranean.

Fourth Crusade (1199–1204)

Contrary to the first three Crusades, this time the Crusaders were aiming for Egypt, which has now become the center of Muslim power in the region. …

What to do for becoming a part of Behind The Curtains?

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Although Medium is arguably the greatest writing platform, yet it doesn't provide a writer with a variety of great publications, when it comes to content related movies, documentaries, and TV series.

Thus, when I looked for a suitable publication for the movie geek, residing within me, I couldn’t find one. (Pop Off is the only exception!)

Fortunately, I looked at the bright side and saw this as an opportunity for starting my own publication, with a special focus on movies, documentaries, and TV series. And that’s how Behind The Curtains came into being.

However, at first, I thought of doing…

3 Valuable Lessons from Jack Conte’s PatreCon 2017 Talk

From Vox (Copyright Act, Section 42)

In this post-modern age, where pop stoicism and self-help theories have completely engulfed humans, nothing motivates us more than listening to or watching a success story. Right?

I mean, YouTube and all platforms of digital content — even Medium — are loaded with success stories of individuals, who came out of nowhere and literally changed the whole landscape of business and many other industries.

However, even with the availability of all this ‘motivational stuff’, there are a lot of people who are still finding it difficult to cope with their failures — hence, struggling to achieve their desired results.


Free Verse

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Being surrounded by four walls,
Sitting on that couch,
Staring at the ceiling,
And feeling the silence;
I like being alone,
With my emptiness
In the confines of my room

In the gloomy hours of the night,
Thinking about those days
When we were young
And we made a plan
Of going to that place
Just you and me,
No one else
In the middle of the wilderness

With no worries for tomorrow And no plans for forever We took oath Of loving each other Till that day When our eyes would stop looking Our mind would stop thinking And…

Beware of complacency; it’ll kill your ambitions

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Human specie — Sapiens — consists of a very intriguing and diversified collection of individuals as everyone is unique in its own way. Still, they all have many commonalities and a particular one — humans’ pursuit of greatness — is the subject matter of this piece.

Believe it or not, at a certain stage in our lives, we all strive for greatness. However, only a few of us get the chance to enjoy this elusive feeling of being great, whereas most of us end up wandering in this gloomy and never-ending valley of mediocrity.

So, why is that only a…

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24 years old child, trying to exist amid this chaos by penning down his thoughts on sports, showbiz & an eclectic mix of topics.

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