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25 years old child, trying to exist amid this chaos by penning down his thoughts on philosophy, psychology, history & an eclectic mix of topics.

A writer’s predicament

For the last three hours, I have been thinking about writing but I haven’t written a word. Why? Well, I’m still figuring it out. However, I’m quite certain that this piece will lead me to the right answer. So, let’s talk about it.

I am of the view that every writer — a beginner or a master — experiences this common issue where he struggles to pen down his thoughts/ideas. Mainly because of the uncertainty and the ambiguity he has about a certain subject. Or sometimes, because he lacks sufficient knowledge of a certain topic.

In some cases, he even…


The fragmentation of the Caliphate of Cordoba proved to be the beginning of the end for Muslim rule in the Iberian peninsula. The absence of leadership, decentralization of power, and the internal political struggle between principalities/taifas proved to be a turning point vis-à-vis Muslim rule in Spain.

1086–1248: Reign of Almoravids & Almohads

Christian rulers of the north, who had been waiting for the opportunity for quite some time, now had the best chance to reconquer what had been lost. Thus, they started expanding their rule till the Princes of Muslim taifas of Al-Andalus asked the Berbers from North Africa —the Almoravids — for help.


How did the Second Rashidun Caliph conquer the city without bloodshed and usher in a new era of religious freedom & religious tolerance?

After its conquest and the subsequent massacre in 70 CE by Roman general Titus, Jerusalem remained under Roman/Byzantine rule for the better part of the next six centuries.

During the first half of Roman rule, most of the inhabitants of the city — known as Aelia Capitolina — were pagans. However, things changed in 313 CE, when Roman Emperor, Constantine I, converted to Christianity and paved the way for Christian pilgrimage to the city of Jerusalem or Aelia.

As a result, a number of churches were built, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, as Christianity spread across the city…

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Although it took me quite some time, yet I have finally done it.


It has been more than a year that I have been thinking about doing YouTube. Especially, during 2020, I gave it a serious thought but given the circumstances; I thought of postponing it for later. Then, in October 2020, I gave it another try. This time procrastination took over. Thus, no progress.

Things took a different turn last month.

Almost a month ago, I called a dear friend — asking him for advice on taking some concrete measures to full use whatever…


Of all the Muslim conquests in the late 7th and early 8th centuries, the capture of the Iberian peninsula and establishment of Muslim Spain — Al-Andalus — is the most interesting case study of how religiously tolerant Islamic rulers and their efficient administrative designs transformed a region into a focal point of the Medieval European.

711–756: Under the Rule of the Ummayad Dynasty

It was the early 8th century CE and the Iberian peninsula was under the rule of the Visigoths. Although the Visigothic Kindom had spread across the whole Iberian peninsula, yet it didn’t have a stronghold over its territory. …

From a historical, geopolitical, and religious perspective

Irrespective of whatever you’ve been told/fed by Western and European media outlets, what’s happening in the occupied Palestine region is nothing but a GENOCIDE.

I know, they are claiming it to be a ‘conflict’ between two aggressors but the truth is, there is only one aggressor/oppressor and that’s the illegal Zionist state.

If you ask me, the asymmetry of power, military might, technology, economy, and diplomatic clout between the two sides suggest that it’s neither a conflict nor a clash. …

In short, yes.

A couple of days ago, I was asked to provide a valid and reasonable answer to this thought-provoking (read: interesting) question: Do fairy tales affect our perception of reality? Although I wasn’t sure, yet I was confident that the answer would be in the affirmative.

Naturally, I did some research and found very interesting details about the significant impact of fairy tales on our understanding of our own selves and our overall reality.

For those who can’t wait, the short answer to this pertinent question is, yes! Fairy tales surely influence the way we think about ourselves and everything around…

A valuable tool to deal with the unprecedented crises, our world is experiencing right now.

It’s 2021. The whole world is suffering from a novel pandemic. Many have already lost their lives — 3.11 million to be exact — and around 150 million are still enduring the pain of this never-heard-before disease.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop here.

As a result of Covid-19, the global economy has dealt a heavy blow — resulting in the worst economic crisis the world has seen since the Great Depression. Poverty has increased multiple folds and so does the mental trauma — leaving the vulnerable with no option but to endure.

Not to mention, the developing countries — especially most…

Well, it depends.

For the last few days, I have been thinking (read: procrastinating) about writing something meaningful. And when I say meaningful, I am referring to an engaging and informative piece of writing. However, the issue is, with all the data scattered almost everywhere, I am struggling with a couple of things: to organize the data and then to find a crispy piece of writing out of it.

So, as I woke up today, I thought of challenging this condition and working my way out of it. …

Even if you don’t know what that means, seek it.

Do you mind if we start with an evocative thought?

Why certain people — with whatever they have — appear to be more happy and contented than most of those, who have more than what they had desired for?

There are no right or wrong answers. For you, the answer may lie in their innate ability to always look at the brighter side. However, for some, including me, their happiness has a lot to do with their understanding of life and whatever comes with it.

Let me rephrase. Happiness is a spiritual experience. …

Muhammad Zunair

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